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Two little triumphs

11 Nov

First off: our owl pumpkin came third, against strong competition, in a Facebook contest, organised by an online store Rigby and Mac (it sells quite a few owls, BTW). The judge, @SweetMissHope, of the well-known sweets emporium, Hope & Ringwood, said: “This owl looks extremely naughty & makes me smile”. Though there was no prize, we were pleased, as the level of entries was high.

My second small triumph: as of this week, I have more than 1000 followers on Pinterest. I was not even monitoring it very closely, and it was just a fluke that I looked at my Pinterest a few days ago and saw that round, magical number, “1000” in the lower right hand corner. Thank you to all my followers. As someone tweeted the other day – it is hard not to spend your life on Pinterest, there is so much beauty.


I’ll be back to blogging about my scent collection soon.


Anna Sui perfume came with its own little house



Going English

19 Sep

I have been blogging in my native tongue for more than 4 years now, and have thus discovered that not all pleasures of life are either illegal or fattening. I have a small, but extremely kind and encouraging following, who have been more appreciative than I could ever hope for. I write my ‘old’ blog in my native Polish because it was conceived as a way of keeping my parents, who don’t speak English, abreast of their grandson’s development. My 8 -year-old son, Nicholas, is autistic, and the blog was also intended as a place where I could write about the latest research into ASD. However, as a freelance journalist and writer, I soon found myself veering off those topics and writing about everything under the Sun: fashion, baking, Britain, Scandinavia, beauty, books, films, TV, environment, cheese, owls…anything I care about and enjoy. I just can’t stick to one theme, which is why I will not get a book deal *chuckle*. But I have lived in the UK for nearly a decade now and the need to write in a language understood by 1.8 billion humans, rather than just the 40 or so million, who had the (mis)fortune of being born Polish, has now become pressing. You can certainly expect a hefty dose of cakes, owls, all manner of Scandi loveliness, fashion and other ‘areas of expertise’, i.e. celebrity nonsense  – you have been warned.Image


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